Poker training the complete all-in course 1-5

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This All-in one package of video series contains 149min of content!

This includes the parts:

1. Preflop Game
– Openranges per position(chart)
– When to open any 2 cards on the Button?
– When to open any 2 cards in the SB
– Call range in the BB vs a BU open

2. 3-Betting Game
– Why to use a SB 3b/fold strategy
– Immediately Profit 3betting in the blinds
– Current winrates
– Recommended 3b hands
– 3betting on the Button
– 4betting
– Theory bluffing frequenties
– Immediately profit
– Current winrates
– Recommended 4b range

3. C-Betting Game
– BU vs BB
– UTG/MP vs BB
– 3B pot cbetting
– Defending vs cbets
– ch/raising and raising

4. Turn Play
– Why barrel turn?
– ch/raising turn as IR
– ch/raising turn vs turn barrel

5. River Play
– Thin valuebetting on river
– 3 barrel as a bluff
– Facing a 3 barrel
– Raising river as a bluff

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The ultimate poker training package

This complete package will make you a fierce competitor on the poker tables now on. In total this poker training video package contains 149 minutes of content. Very important subjects like preflop game, 3- betting game, C-betting game, turn play and also river play are all inside this package. These exclusive videos are made by Tom Dekkers, who made over $100.000 the past 5 years with online cash game poker. Tom is now a regular on the 200 to 1000NL online cash games. The past years beating online and live poker is more difficult, because players have better training methods and are more professional. This 5 course poker training will increase your level in a way you won’t be a losing or break even player anymore.

Positive developing your preflop game

The preflop game is one of the most important parts in poker. In the first part we will work on this by discussing the best possible opening ranges. Further we will help you big blind calling ranges and also opening any two from the button and small blind.

The aggression of the 3-betting game

Being the most aggressive player on the table will lots of times result in making profits. However it is very important you balance your aggression so people won’t pick any patterns. This part of the videos we will the improve your 3-betting game and also your 4-betting game.

Holding on to aggression with the c-betting game

In the third part of these package we explain you everything about the c-betting game. From in position, to out position and also defending versus c-bets and check raising and raising versus c-bets.

The best strategies for the turn game

The 4th part of the 5 course poker training video contains turn play. Holding on to your aggression on turns is very important to pick up pots, but try to find the right balance. We discuss why we should barrel turn and also check raising and raising in different situations.

The magical river play

The card of death according to most poker players, but also the card that can make you lots of profits. In this last part we train you how to best get thin value from your opponents and also all facts about 3 barrel bluffing.

Be amazed by new insights from Tom Dekkers.

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